About Me

Hi there, I'm Christian Kosman. I'm a(n) 18 year old programmer who spends most of my time creating things on the computer. I enjoy making small programs and games that'll wow anyone I show them to. I know quite a few different programming languages from C to JavaScript which I've used for some pretty cool projects. This portfolio website will hopefully show you my complete skillset.


I started programming in fifth grade when my mom introduced me to Scratch, a block-based programming environment for kids to learn the basics of coding. Scratch has been one of the coolest experiences ever; from making cool games and animations to gaining hundreds of followers who actively enjoy your work. I still use it to this day (maybe not as often) for more advanced things like transferring data over the cloud to Scratch projects and back. I then moved on to learning how to use HTML and Javascript and web stuff and created absolutely horrid websites with the limited experience that I had. Then I wanted to make 3D games so I followed some tutorials then self-taught myself Unity. Again, horrible games but I definitely learned some things by making them. Unity though helped me through many school projects which I got to present to the entire class. Those games weren't forgotten fortunately. As I got older, I traveled down the spectrum to lower-level languages like C++ and then C. These are especially cool because they're mostly portable languages which means you can port the code to other platforms with minimal modification to the original code. Anyway, now I have yet to learn assembly...

For games, I generally use the game engine, Unity and its main programming language, C#. Unity is a great tool for anyone who wants to make games and learn the process of creating them from scratch.
To make simple productivity tools for myself, I use Java because of its large variety of libraries and similarities to C#.