Senior Project

For my senior project in high school, I'm making a video game in the Unity3D game engine. I'm creating everything myself, and hope to make it a fully-fledged game.
These are some devlogs I recorded while developing it.
You can download the demo here
Room level
Room level in Unity
Huge portal
Robot enemy
Air combo attack

Devlog #1
Devlog #2
Devlog #3
Devlog #4
Devlog #5

How I got to this place in my high school career

I've been programming games and programs since the fifth grade and since the interview to get into Santa Su, I knew immediately that I wanted to use that skill for my Senior Project. I've also taken computer classes all four years of high school, including two AP classes. These classes really helped me improve my programming skill in certain ways, but I also self-teach myself at home by either playing around with programs or watching YouTube videos.

Why I chose the Unity3D engine

I have about five years of experience in Unity and have used the engine for many other games I've made. The engine uses C# as its main programming language which is an easy language to learn and it is similar to Java, which I also have experience in.

The goal of this project

My end goal is to create a complete platformer/action/puzzle game that pays attention to detail. The senior project version of this game will just be a demo.

Work log

I've been working on this project since November of 2017 (technically the summer before junior year if you count prototyping) almost every day and have 341 hours of time I've worked on it.

Community impact

My video game contributes to the game development community by providing not only resources for developers to use, but inspiration for people who may want to get into this field.